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Orthodontics, braces and teeth staightening with Adam Alford, Brisbane, Toowong, Paddington, Brisbane CBD and Northolakes.

With Adam Alford, Brisbane, Toowong, Paddington, Brisbane CBD and Northlakes all types of orthodontics, braces and teeth straightening are offered   Adam Alford is trained in Invisalign (clear braces) and fixed braces (usually ceramic braces).  Sometimes orthodontics are required as part of a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, as well as for functional purposes.

Dr Adam Alford  has advanced his training through Progressive Orthodontics. Progressive Orthodontics has been the worldwide leader in comprehensive Orthodontic continuing education since 1984. Progressive Orthodontics is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider. ADACERP is a service of the American Dental Association to assist dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education.

What Are The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment, Braces or Teeth Straightening?

Orthodontic treatment is generally performed to improve a person’s appearance by straightening their teeth.  However, an attractive smile is just one of the benefits.

Crowded, overlapping teeth are harder to clean and can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and eventual tooth loss.  Having your teeth straightened will make it easier for patient’s to look after them.

Crooked and crowded teeth may also contribute to speech impairments and can increase the risk of trauma if teeth are prominent.  Also having a particularly narrow arch, which is often associated with crowded, crooked teeth can affect your breathing.
Teeth surfaces can wear unevenly if there is poor alignment of the teeth or jaw.  Having whats called a malocclusion (crooked teeth, biting in crossbite and functional shifts) where the teeth are causing the jaw to move in an unnatural direction will eventually cause Temporomandibular  Joint Disfunction (TMD), which leads to pain and discomfort and reduced ability to chew and function properly. In cases of a deep bite, the lower front teeth can bite into the gum behind the upper front teeth, causing damage.
In summary, bringing the teeth, jaws and lips into proper alignment results in better functionality, easier cleaning and increased confidence and self esteem.

Cost of Orthodontics (Braces) or Invisalign

Costs for orthodontics general rule of thumb Adam Alford

Depending on requirements and whether patient is choosing traditional fixed, traditional fixed with ceramic (white) upper anterior brackets or Invisalign orthodontic treatment.

General cost is between $5000-$7000.   In general standard orthodontics will cost $6000 (standard or ceramic brackets).  Invisalign is between $5000-$9000.  Dr Adam Alford with adults will often combine standard braces and Invisalign, as the braces are quicker and more reliable to create the straight teeth and align the teeth, and Invisalign is used to finish, cost is approximately $6500.

We recommend standard braces over Invisalign as there is greater control of tooth movement, it does result in a better correction of occlusion (the bite) and relies less on shaving of tooth structure.  Most patients indicate that after a month of having the standard braces on they realise no one is looking at them and they are no longer self conscious.  There are lots of adults going through standard orthodontics (braces) in the community now.

  1. Record taking is $400 – plus small out of pocket maybe $100 with the radiologist ( we cannot guarantee this cost so please check with the radiologist prior to having radiographs taken).  If patient decides to continue with orthodontic treatment after records have been taken then this is part of the overall treatment cost.  Patients are free to take the records for another opinion once they have paid for them. We may also take a CBCT for impacted teeth just in case there is damage to surrounding teeth already.
  2. Upfront costs when the braces are fitted or aligners (Invisalign) ordered is between $1000-$3000, depending on style and type of orthodontics (braces) selected.  The remaining costs are paid out over the period of treatment, on average 18-24 months. Remember some treatments can be a lot shorter depending on what the patient requirements are.
  3. Full payment needs to be completed prior to finalisation of the orthodontic treatment (removal of braces, attachments)  and retainers made.
  4. For all orthodontics especially Invisalign, there may be a need to carry out refinements (slight changes)  as we are dealing with the human body, and there may be added costs after the initial quote.  We try and maintain this to approximately 10% of the overall cost.
  5. The pricing structure for Invisalign is based on a full course of treatment instead of the Invisalign Lite which is often used to reduce the initial upfront costs and overall costs, but there is the potential for  far more excessive costs during the treatment and it limits the amount of treatment possible.  During the initial orthodontic record review we can try and assess whether the less expensive versions of Invisalign (Invisalign Lite) are possible.
  6. Patients who decide to have Invisalign treatment have to be aware that you must wear the aligners for 22 hours per day everyday during treatment.
  7. All patients carrying out orthodontics will receive some at home whitening as well.
  8. All orthodontic treatment needs to have retainers made and they must be worn FOR EVER! . Adam Alford takes orthodontic retention very seriously and lingual fixed wires will be inserted if possible both upper and lower, and both Essex and Hawley retainers will be made for long term use at night.  

It may be necessary to refer cases to specialists in no way does this practice believe we are specialist orthodontists we have general practitioners who have a special interest in orthodontics.  There will be times when we feel that the use of a specialist is more appropriate.  The underlying principal of this practice is we want to do the best for our patients.


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