Cost of teeth whitening sydney, Dentist, Sydney, CBD, cheap Zoom teeth whitening

Cost of teeth whitening, Sydney, CBD, Zoom Teeth Whitening

As Dr Alford is a registered health care provider, patients may be able to claim from their health insurance for whitening treatments.

  • Take home professional strength whitening kits $350

    • Tailored whitening schedule designed by Dr Alford to achieve maximum results.
    • Whitening gel
    • Custom made professional whitening trays
    • Tooth conditioner mousse


  • Single visit “In office” Zoom teeth whitening system $680 with “at home” trays and kit valued at $350.


    • Professional preparation, protection and masking of cheeks, lips and gums.
    • Britesmile System whitening under direct dental supervision to ensure maximum results in a single visit.
    • Take home professional strength whitening kit valued at $350 to maintain your results indefinitely.

We feel this is one of the cheapest best priced whiteing packages in Sydney, we have alwasy felt that teeth whitening is a service we provide to current patients, new patients are now welcome to enjoy this cheap teeth whitening package.

Why whiten with a dental professional?

It is unlawful in Australia to carry out dental procedures if you are not a registered dentist.

Patients who are considering teeth whitening, should choose a dental professional who will be accountable for their care and is trained to safely and effectively whiten teeth using professional whitening products and hospital grade sterilized instruments.

Whitening research

The most effective teeth whitening systems can only be sold to dental professionals.

Dr Adam Alford has a special interest in whitening technology and only uses products he has researched and trusts himself. Read Dr Alford’s whitening research which has been published in the Canadian oral health journal




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